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You have Tremendous Power within you. That Power is not only needed, but it is necessary if we want to change the world for the better. 

The only way that we can heal our divides is through developing deep connections. Through a realization that we need to love more than our lover, our families, our friends.

For many years, I have considered myself a loner, always alone, even when I was among others. But I know now that that was a defense mechanism. And that deep down I crave real connection with others.

There is something so wonderful in you. I know it to be true. There is something so magnificent and I need to tell you this because you take it for granted.

I have felt so alone and so powerless, that I did not want to be here anymore. But it was in the beautiful connection of a baby.. thrust into my hands by my sister, that I saw wonder, beauty, unlimited intelligence staring at me through the eyes of a child. 

That is what let me see the truth. 

That you are everything you wish to be. I see it in you, and I want to celebrate you, so reach out when you have a chance. We will laugh together, sing together, and even cry..  And in the end we will remember that “Every little things, gonna be alright!”


  • Outrageous Love
  • Empowerment
  • Connection
  • intuition

What Can I Do For You?

You are loved

In song, dance, videos.. whatever I do… the real reason behind it all is to share this Outrageous Love that is cascading like a waterfall down on my head. 

If you need a song written just for you, if you need a massage, if you need someone to give a speech to motivate you and inspire you to keep giving it all no matter what… I would be more then humbled and honored to serve you.

Build Presence

It doesn’t matter how great your idea/product is if no one can find it. I am here to change that.. With the many mainstream media contacts that I have made over my 25+ years in the entertainment industry getting more eyes on you and your product is not only possible, it is guaranteed!

Tell Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell… a sacred biography.. One of the most frustrating things in life is feeling that your story isn’t as important as someone else’s..

One of my goals over the past year and a half has been to give a voice to those who’s voice gets silenced or can’t be heard over the noise.

We do this by engaging children of all ages to tell their stories, sing their songs, and act in their plays..

In essence, we show people that their lives not only matter, but they are very much needed right now!


Joining Genius

By creating a community of other like minded badasses… we can join our individual talents to actually counteract the global crisis that we are in.

No task is too great when everyone from their various areas of expertise join in to help solve the problem.

This not only builds a sense of community, it actually brings hope and empowers people to tackle their deepest desires. 

Build On Your Excellence

You are a badass. You are wonderful, intelligent, beautiful beyond belief.

How can I serve you?.

Custom Songs For You

How great would it be to have you favorite artist write a song specifically for you?

Whether it’s for your lover, friend, or for yourself, having a song written for you has the ability to really change your life.

Let me connect you with your favorite artist so that you get to get your own unique song, and the artist to experience the pleasure of seeing the real impact that music can create.

Dynamic Movement

Jengaflo is the process of building a relationship with your body and other bodies in a dynamic and refreshing way. 

Through breath work, bodyweight training, balance training, meditation, and other progressive systems, we create more sensitivity to ourselves and the space and physical structures around us.



Of course we live in this physical plane.. but by keeping a part of the awareness open to things that are beyond the senses.. we  can become aware of the tremendous force that connects everything and everyone.

Then we can take the next step and see how evolution is actively working in our lives…

Ready to Kick Some Serious A$$?

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“JJ is way more together then most of the other guys that we work with. I took his Jengaflo class in Todos Santos, Mexico thinking that it was just another yoga class. What I left with was a whole new way to move through life”

Dave Walsh

“JJ is one cool dude. I saw him play with The Hairy Apes BMX, and they rocked!!”

Jason Smith

“I have to say that I was skeptical when JJ said that he could bring more clients to my office using his ‘Rock Star’ methods… but I couldn’t believe it when the phone started ringing off the hook.. we have the opposite problem now of too many clients..”

Brianna Thorn